Job Description :
Project Details
Role : Business Process Consultant - BOPIS
Location : Nashville,TN
Duration : 6 months +
Mode of Interview : Telephonic
Title: Business Process Consultant - BOPIS

We are looking for a consultant to provide client with resources to assist in the design of the business process and technical solution to support a BOPIS deployment and work closely with the Client’s project manager. We will offer guidance and a collaborative approach with client to define the process, operational requirements and technology required for a BOPIS implementation and roll-out. We will utilize our experience in understanding the retail market, its segmentation, latest business trends and technology adoption, our knowledge of the industry, and our in-depth understanding of the retail inventory marketplace to present the desired deliverables.

The scope of this project includes the following:
Identifying best practices for BOPIS as they apply to client
Identifying best practices for sales enablement to support BOPIS
Sales associate culture and commission processes affected by BOPIS
Inventory tracking and replenishment process and changes required by BOPIS
Collaborating with client’s executive team via a workshop align goals, store and DC operations and sales processes and procedures
Presenting findings, discuss pros and cons to the industry approaches and how they apply to client
Develop implementation roadmap and detailed plan including time, resources, cost, governance and risk assessment
Achieve executive consensus and approval of the project plan that meets their need for flexibility BOPIS as follows:
o Leverage existing people process and technology assets, where possible and practical
o Take advantage of client’s distinguishing user characteristics and organizational culture
o Drive business benefits by developing a customer experience that will provide a long-term positive financial impact