Job Description :
This project will be completed in two phases-

PHASE 1 – Business Process Re-engineering (To be completed within 12 months)
Project Initiation- Detailed work plan with specific milestones, schedule dates, and estimated resource expenditures that cover the duration of the Phase 1 project, Stakeholder Management Plan, Communication Plan, Risk and Issues Management Plan.
Project Management- Communicate and coordinate with both internal and external stakeholders, state entities and other subject matter experts to complete the deliverables in this agreement. The Project Manager will schedule meetings, create meeting agendas, facilitate meetings, document meeting outcomes, decisions and develop additional materials as required.
Business Process Modeling- Document and validate the “As Is” processes. The documentation should include both the visual process flow and text behind the diagram in a narrative form. The narrative should include step description, inputs and outputs, triggers, assumptions, constraints, supporting systems and any associated regulatory or policy requirements.
As-Is Process Documentation. All process flow diagrams will also be submitted as MS Visio diagrams.
Business Process Analysis- Identify and document process issues and business needs. Conduct business process analysis based on regulatory, policy, and Program requirements, “As-Is” process, identified issues, business needs, and other relevant sources of information to provide gap analysis, and business process improvement recommendation report.
Design Future State Business Process- Based on feedback on business process improvement recommendation, develop and document the “To-Be” processes. All assumptions and constraints considered when developing the “To-Be” processes must also be documented.
Implementing Process Change-prioritize recommendations and develop implantation plan for each recommendation based on impact to process, level of effort, resource constraints, and other dependencies. Assist the client staff with implementing the changes and provide organization change management assistance including developing of communication materials (such as newsletters, status reports, etc to provide updates to all stakeholders and management.
Analyze and Prioritize Existing System Enhancements-Analysis of current system enhancement requests to determine if requests are still valid and prioritize valid requests based on reengineered processes and business needs. Further, develop business and function/technical requirements for enhancements/modifications based on priority.
Governance Plan- Analyze current Governance framework and make recommendations for improvements based on anticipated objectives and needs. Develop or update governance plan and templates.

PHASE 2 (Optional) – Stage2 Alternative Analysis (S2AA)

Phase 2 is contingent upon completion of Phase 1 only.
The Candidate should complete the following tasks:
Initiate S2AA Project
Coordinate with Client staff and stakeholders
Develop the Mid-Level and Detailed Solution Requirements
Conduct and Document the Market Research
Develop Proposed/Alternative Solutions
Develop Project Management deliverables
Conduct Financial Analysis and prepare the Financial Analysis Worksheets
Prepare and present the S2AA

Minimum Qualification -

Must have a minimum of-
5 years of project management experience on similar size projects.
Managing projects with large number of external stakeholders (20+
5 years in eliciting, validation, performing analysis and documentation of business process, business requirements, and functional/technical requirements.
5 years of experience performing business process engineering.
Must have thorough understanding of industry standard business analysis procedures and practices and have performed business process analysis and feasibility studies for business operations of a similar size, scope, and complexity as the System.

Client : Confidential