Job Description :

This position is not technical. This position will function as a liaison between technical developers and DHHS program administration as well as end users of the CHARTS system to gather information and system requirements.

The primary duties will require the candidate to:

1) Analyze complex business processes and requirements,

2) Participate in development of requirement specification documents, with responsibility to facilitate JAD sessions,

3) Document business requirements and objectives for initiating software modification,

4) Review and make recommendation to management regarding the solutions proposed by programming staff for system changes/enhancements,

5) Review system design documents and revalidate previously defined business processes,

6) Investigate and provide problem resolution for reported issues and concerns, and

7) Define acceptance test criteria, based on requirements and design documentation.

Testing responsibilities will include

Development of test scenarios, test plans and test scripts,
Developing test conditions and test data,
Execution of test scripts,
Analysis of the results of the test, and
Documenting the results and findings.


Four (4) years of experience in Software Development; specifically analysis of business processes/system requirements and creation of business process applications, or
Four (4) years of experience in Child Support Enforcement operations or Human Services delivery.
Preference will be given to any candidate with 1) experience in testing and writing business rules for Child Support Enforcement requirements and 2) experience working with CHARTS or N-FOCUS systems. Candidates will benefit from a working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools.

All candidates must be able to show good organizational and time-management techniques and demonstrate ability to communicate complex information to various audiences.