Job Description :
PHRC’s Legacy Case Management System stored case-related data for Contact, Organizations, and Special Service specific within each case, versus a standardized table to select and/or add records. During the transition to the new application, if there were 300 cases with the same organization, 300 organization records were migrated for the associated case, which may or may not have the exact name and/or address information or format.

The case records need to be reviewed, case data merged where applicable, and duplicate records made inactive. The review will include identifying the most appropriate record for Contact, Organization, and Special Service as identified in the Master record.

This work will involve the BA to work with PHRC Intake Attorneys to confirm the proper names to be used for the Organization and other PHRC personnel as deemed necessary. Utilizing Microsoft guidance and CRM Duplicate Detection functionality, the duplicate records based on matching criteria will merge records to the Master record and mark the duplicate records as inactive Verification of all data changes will need to be audited once the merge is completed. The research and review will be the most extensive process of this work effort and will include PHRC involvement.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
Current IIBA certification or equivalent
Exceptional business analysis skills and experience.
Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with the business owners and technical teams.

Exceptional analytical skills and experience.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Excellent problem-solving skills.

Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and quality.

Client : Pennsylvania Human Relations Commissions