Job Description :

Need locals only

Business Analyst

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Interview Mode: In-Person

Job Description:

The Business Process Analyst (BPA) is focused on creating Master Operating Design (MOD) documentation. At the core of the Master Operating Design documentation are the business solution processes.

The BPA will work closely with Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) business solution subject matter experts and MMCP application software experts to gather the necessary information to create the Master Operating Design documentation. The review and approval of the documentation is the responsibility of the MMCP business solution team lead and the business solution team members. The BPA will conduct process design documentation walkthroughs with the MMCP business solution team to complete the review and approval process. The BPA will be the lead when transitioning business process documents over to testing preparation activities.

The BPA should have a strong background in business process analysis and documentation. The BPA should have knowledge of flow chart document design and creation, strong written communication skills, and experience in development of business process documentation from inception. The BPA should have a minimum of four years of experience documenting business processes.

The MOD documentation to be created by the BPA includes;

- Process Catalog: identifying the operational, monitoring, compliance, and enforcement processes

- Process design documentation to capture the;

- Process activities and tasks, whether system related or non-system,

- Alignment of role assignments to the various process activities/tasks

- Alignment of Policies to the various process activities/tasks

- Reports and alerts associated with various process activities/tasks