Job Description :
Business Analyst (Advanced) with Business process reengineering/F2F Required
Duration:24+ months

Serves as a liaison between the business community and the IT organization in order to provide technical solutions to meet user needs. Possesses expertise in the business unit(s) they support, as well as, an understanding of the IT organization’s systems and capabilities. Analyzes business partner’s operations to understand their strengths and weaknesses to determine opportunities to automate processes and functions. Assists in the business process redesign and documentation as needed for new technology. Translates high level business requirements into functional specifications for the IT organization and manages changes to such specifications. Educates the IT organization on the direction of the business. Negotiates agreements and commitments by facilitating communication between business unit(s) and IT from initial requirements to final implementation. Possesses an understanding of technological trends and uses this knowledge to bring solutions to business units supported to enhance the enterprise’s competitive edge. May make recommendations for buy vs. build decision.
The selected candidate will be assigned initially to analyzing and documenting the critical business functions, supporting business processes and testing and executing desk procedures in the Office of Work Program and Budget (OWPB Primary duties will relate to analyzing financial systems and dependent business processes owned by OWPB and assisting in re-engineering in areas impacted by an ongoing business transformation. The selected candidate will be given access to existing documentation and staff and be required to identify functional gaps, develop and document business rules and document processes supporting critical functions. Documentation will be completed with advice from OWPB staff in a desk procedure template or other formats conducive to communicating the information. Deliverables from the analysis efforts should include process flow diagrams, context diagrams and additional documentation detailing inputs/outputs, and any needed functionality.
Candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in business process reengineering and documentation. This experience must also be in a professional environment in a financial discipline. Candidate will be expected to describe multiple past experiences with business process tools and how they were deployed for a successful outcome.
The submitted candidate must be able to perform the following duties and/or tasks:

1. Analyzes business operations to understand their strengths and weaknesses to determine opportunities to improve, streamline or automate processes and functions.
2. Assists in the business process redesign and documentation as needed to support ongoing transformation efforts in the enterprise environment.
3. Work with technical FM support staff during technical assessments of the OWPB’s internal systems interfaces with the FM Suite of Applications.
4. Translates high level business requirements into detailed business requirements and/or functional specifications.
5. Develop subject matter expertise leading to support of complex business processes to include executing processes of FDOT staff deployed to support the Work Program Integration Initiative.
6. Research financial and procedural best practices, prepare reports, and make recommendations for action.
7. Develop strategy to adjust workforce as necessary to meet changing output demands of Office of Work Program and Budget and recommend methods to tightly integrate processes with external stakeholders.
8. Evaluate critical information gathered from multiple resources. Summarize detailed data into executive level formats, as well as, breaking down aggregate information into meaningful pieces.
9. Successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously.
10. Analyze business units in the Office of Work Program and Budget with intent to maximize use of resources and procedures. Analysis should include reports to identify suppliers, inputs, processes, outputs, and customers.
11. Develop standardized desk procedures that include the purpose, prerequisites, process flows and narratives of the procedure.
12. Prepare proposed business rules, develop, monitor and implement knowledge transfer activities.
The submitted candidate must be able to apply common knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas:

1. Knowledge of financial management and best practices.
2. Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of the system development life cycle.
3. Knowledge of and ability to use Enterprise Architecture (EA) or other tools used to document business rules.
4. Ability to produce legible and complete functional documentation in a way that thoroughly captures all business requirements, processes and inputs/outputs of activities in a financial management office.
5. Ability to analyze and accurately and completely define processes and workflows to design efficient process solutions, including missing or duplicate functionality in existing processes.
6. Ability to work effectively with individual employees and a work unit, to identify and document requirements for the maintenance, enhancement or development of computer application systems, including technical overviews and context diagrams.
7. Ability to develop and manage information systems documentation in accordance with the Department’s standards.
8. Advanced skills with Microsoft products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.
9. Ability to plan, organize, coordinate and prioritize work assignments.
10. Ability to accurately estimate time requirements for assigned tasks for a project.
11. Ability to evaluate data outputs from computer application and identify system problems.
12. Ability to relate to customers’ needs, document their requirements and perform duties in a service oriented manner.
13. Ability to prepare complex computer program specifications.
14. Ability to interpret and communicate technical information related to business processes, computer programming and data processing, both verbally and in writing.
15. Ability to receive and give constructive criticism, and maintain effective work relationships with others.
16. Ability to adjust to changing demands in a dynamic environment with diverse work assignments.
17. Must be able to perform QA reviews and provide valuable feedback in determining that standards are met and that documents are complete and comprehensive.