Job Description :
Strong and proven software development skills
Proficient in Python programming language
Should be able to build interfaces for collecting data, data extraction, transformations through Python
Should be able to work with data through SQL - Preparing data, cleanup, Aggregating, Slicing/Dicing Data
Should have worked in Python Stats, Machine learning packages - Pandas, Data frames, Scipy, NumPy, StatsModel, Scikit packages. Familiarity with frameworks such as MLlib, H2O, TensorFlow or similar.
Should have experience in working with Kafka using Python or Java API
Should have worked with a NoSQL database. Should be able to build interfaces for serving data-in/data-out of the database through API.
Preferred Telecom and Billing
Experience working in an Agile organization and understanding of Agile fundamentals, JIRA with CI/CD
Excellence at formulating, understanding, and solving complex, non-routine problems
Exposure in working with Big Data; experience with Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark preferred
Familiarity with managed cloud-based options for building machine learning models