Job Description :
Big Data Technical Architect
Minneapolis, MN
Full Time

Technical Requirements:
Proven experience in developing Analytics solutions for Business Problems, e.g. Recommendation Systems, Similarity Models, 360 degree view of Customer, Predictive Maintenance of Assets, Twitter Social Data Analysis or some similar Business problem
Experience in Big Data Technologies (especially around Data Ingestion and Preparation for Analytics)
NiFi based Data Ingestion, Hive based Transformations, Zeppelin based explorations is "DEFINITE" advantage
Experience with Deep Learning Toolkits like TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe2 (or) Theano is a "DEFINITE" Plus.
Experience with Python, Zeppelin is "DEFINITE" plus
Experience in applications of Deep Learning for "Image Processing" is desirable, e.g. Applying Deep learning models to identify objects in Images
Any further development experience in Big Data is desirable, e.g. Real-time processing using Kafka and Storm, Spark and Scala based Data Processing, Spark Streaming, Elastic Search
Any experience with Hadoop Administration & Management is desirable.
Any experience with Graph processing like Neo4J is desirable

Discuss with Business Stakeholders and come up with Analytic Strategies for Business Problems
Estimate cost & effort for Analytics projects
Understand Customer Business, Data Management Practices and Identify the right datasets to use for Analytics projects.
Lead & Develop Analytics projects that demonstrate clear Business value to the Stakeholders
Work like a Bridge between Customer and the Tavant team