Job Description :
Backend Web Developer with FTE exp with delivery of complex digital projects in an Agile environment,Cobal,automation
Sacramento, CA
State Government
12 months to start

Each Backend Web Developer shall have at least two (2) years of FTE experience with delivery of complex digital projects in an Agile environment.
Developing web applications using Java;
Writing the back-ends of modern open-source web applications;
Developing and consuming web-based, RESTful APIs;
Writing web applications using a test-driven development (TDD) approach
Developing and executing automated unit, integration, and acceptance tests;
Configuring and executing load and performance testing;
Configuring and integrating enterprise user authentication tools;
Developing backend web applications that integrate with relational and non-relational database systems;
Handling large data sets and scaling their storage; and
Developing backend web applications that use scalable search technology.
COBOL and Assembly in a CICS mainframe environment
CICS COBOL API in a SQL DB environment
IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)
Secure REST APIs
Enterprise user authentication tools
Modern security, monitoring, and logging practices for system administration
Modular web application development
Test-driven development
Automated unit and integration testing
Automated acceptance testing
Continuous build processes and tools
SQL and SQL optimization
Load and Performance testing
Security and system administration
Modern continuous monitoring tools
NIST 800-53 controls