Job Description :
Job title: BackEnd Lead/Senior Java Developer
Location: San Jose, CA
Duration: Full-Time
Positions: 4 openings
Need Green Card and US citizens

BackEnd Lead/Senior Developer: Hands on coding and core Java skills
Java, Spring framework, Spring Boot, REST API, Oracle (SQL data modeling), Jax-rs/CXF, SWING, Hibernate, SQL Query design, Junit

Java technologists who are strong in data structures and algorithms.

5-7?years solid server-side development with Java
Solid knowledge of basic algorithms and Big-O complexity optimization.
Solid knowledge of data structures (Hash tables / sets, Linked Lists, Queues, ArrayList, Stack etc
Solid knowledge of concurrency, multi-threading, recursion, caching and other systems programming constructs
Strong OOP skills, ability to analyze requirements and prepare design
Hands on experience with common open-source and Java EE technologies
Experience with REST API’s, Web Services, Unit Testing, Java Build tools
Experience with Spring or any web MVC frameworks
Oracle, SQL, JDBC/ORM, JMS, App servers / Servlet containers, Maven/Git/Continuous integration