Job Description :
Position: BLE Developer/ Bluetooth Engineer
Location: Southfield, MI
Experience : 2+
Skills : Bluetooth applications developer , Sniffer , HCI Command, GATT profile, Bluetooth Analyzer.

Job Description :

1. Need to have a good understanding Bluetooth Basics
Bluetooth HCI commands, events
Simple secured pairing
GAP command formats for discoverable mode, end discoverable mode, establish link
Power saving modes

2. Bluetooth low energy specs 4.0
BLE roles (peripheral, broadcaster, Central and about possible combinations of these roles)
Good understanding on connection interval, supervision timeout, slave latency etc (Connection parameters)
Gatt profile , How to simulate classic profile using the existing profiles
GATT profile apis like Gatt_notification, Gatt_indications, gatt_addservice, GATT_Displayservices

3. Bluetooth tools.
Sniffers like frontline analyzer (any one sniffer tool ), Ellisys Bluetooth Analyzer.
RF studio (Very much needed)
HCI Tool

4. Communication protocols like SPI, USART, USB

5. Should be able to quickly understand FW requirements like transmission/reception of continuous signal modulated/unmodulated, channel selection, packet transmission/reception. (EMC tests for HW team), production test modes.

6. BT Tool, bluetooth lowenergy PC applications