Job Description :
Job Title : B2B / SI Integration Lead
Location: East Peoria, IL
Duration: Contract

Detail Job Description:
SI - Basic Knowledge – Mapping and Business Processes (BPs)
Ability to design, code, test and debug SI maps, BPs, setups.
Experience with different “data” structures (EDI, SAP IDOC, APP, XML, HTML, etc)
Ability to gather requirements for SI maps (developing the MRS, talking to customers, etc
Ability to gather requirements for SI/MFT BPs (conceptualizing a process from start-to-finish)
Ability to document maps using prescribed formats
. Ability to work on SFG partner setups,Push and Pull scenarios

SI – Intermediate Knowledge – SI Problem Resolution
Ability to analyze and take appropriate corrective action for halted/interrupted BP’s and other types

of “system issues”
Ability to communicate to production support the cause of a halt/failure and the corrective action

needed to resolve it.
. Ability to provide improvements for better performance

SI – Advanced Knowledge – SI System Perspective and Experience
Understanding the “BIG picture” of how different parts of the system interact / impact each other
(such as, “how would upgrading the SI system software impact the way things operate today
Ability to analyze performance and identify improvements
Understanding SI server environment differences and how those differences can impact the same

map/BP differently
(ie, persistence levels in DEV are different than PROD, so a BP in dev may work perfectly in Dev, but fail

when run in production
Understanding the more technical aspects of SI (ie, connectors, adapters, property files, SQL,

database, etc)