Job Description :

Patching Project

QA Transformation team

For all of them I would be looking for someone with experience going from waterfall to agile and manual to automation in an infrastructure environment. Senior people that have done that have a good chance.

2 QA’s
Taking everything manual and automating it
Doing all of the scripting/coding
Python or Puppet would be great to have

1 QA
Looking for someone very senior
Someone who can read test cases very well and translate the requirements
Is supporting the 2 QA/scripters above

3 QA’s
Really comfortable with manual test case execution
Comfortable going back to the design team and offer up changes
Senior resources
Some repetitive work
Helping a lot with the transition from Manual to Automation
If one could test in puppet shop that would be fantastic
One should be a QA process expert
Knows what to do when Audited
Understands processes very well
Comfortable in infrastructure shop
Writing processes and rode maps
Best practice for QA