Job Description :
Title: Software
re Architect
Seattle, WA


You are a software architect with years of experience in enterprise
software engineering. You know all the databases, all the API
philosophies, all the cloud services (especially AWS), and you live to
design systems for performance, testability, scalability, and
availability. You believe architects should have their hands in code,
from the proofing-out of design concepts to the implementation and
delivery of shared horizontal tools and frameworks. You know that
simplicity and visibility are inversely proportional to business risk,
and while you encourage calculated risk-taking, you’re careful to
calculate risk. You’re creative and innovative, and your passion and
communication skills inspire others in the organization to align with
your vision and accept your collaborative guidance. At the end of the
day, you are excited about delivering business value to customers.


At least 2 years’ experience leading architecture design for software
development teams and 8+ years in enterprise software development
Demonstrated ability to analyze the performance, scalability and
availability impact of design
Experience designing for public cloud infrastructure
Experience designing with both SQL and NoSQL data stores
Expert in REST architecture
Demonstrated proficiency with JavaScript front- and back-end
frameworks and libraries

About the Job

You and a senior architect will be responsible for designing,
building, and socializing the adoption of concepts and standards to
meet big-picture business goals like speed of delivery, quality, user
experience, and performance of our enterprise SaaS application. The
architecture team specializes in fully functional templates and
proofs-of-concept that align with the vision and product roadmap, and
collaborates with product engineering teams to ensure viability,
adoption, and consistency across the organization. You’ll need to be a
visionary, an evangelist, and a mentor to full-stack teams building
shiny, state-of-the-art implementations within the context of a legacy
monolith. Our technologies include but aren’t limited to: JavaScript
(Node.js, ReactJS+Redux, ES6), C# NET), HTML5/CSS3 (Sass), Windows,
Linux, virtualization (Docker, VMs, Amazon EC2+ECS), AWS, MS SQL
Server, Chef, and GitHub.

Client : confidential