Job Description :

Please find our client job requirement for your consideration.

Title : ArcGIS Server
Location: Austin, TX 78701
Client :State of TX
Duration: 07 Months

Description: The Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires the services of a Developer, hereafter referred to as Worker(s), who meets the general qualifications of ITSAC Programmer/Developer 3 Category, Core Technology Type and the specifications outlined in this document for the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC

All work products resulting from the project shall be considered “works made for hire” and are the property of the RRC. RRC may include pre-selection requirements that potential Vendors (and their Workers) submit to and satisfy criminal background checks as authorized by the Texas law. RRC will pay no fees for interviews or discussions, which occur during the process of selecting a Worker(s

The Worker will apply their expert knowledge of GIS development in the RRC agency technology stack to support the needs of internal ITS development project teams.
Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
8 Direct experience working with GIS tools and applications such as ESRI’s ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcGIS Server.
8 Applied use of knowledge in GIS data structures, including topology and practices of editing GIS data.
8 Experience working with scripting languages, especially Python and JavaScript.

8 Working ability with JQuery, including how to use JavaScript and Ajax/XHR to create responsive web clients that consume JSON services.
8 Knowledge of, and ability to work with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA

8 Experience with GIS Web application development including knowing how to debug, build, and publish a Web application in the Visual Studio or a similarly functioning IDE
8 Experience with ArcGIS server and authoring and publishing map services and geoprocessing tools for a server.
Strong Ability to coordinate work and communicate effectively with other team members.

Strong Effectively document algorithms and programming API’s implemented by code they developed.

Strong Experience investigating problems and finding solutions even when the initial requirements may be incompletely spelled out.

Years Skills/Experience
Experience with JavaScript framework like Dojo, Ember.JS, or Angular.

Experience working with ArcPy and ESRI Geoprocessing tools.

Knowledge and/or experience with Oil and Gas applications at RRC.
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
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