Job Description :
Familiarity with the Microsoft Build Stack (at least 2 of: MSBuild, .NET/C#, Visual Studio, PowerShell
3+ years as a build engineer.
Good communication skills - ability to be both a strong technical writer as well as a public speaker.
A passion for improving developer productivity.
Experience producing/consuming NuGet packages as part of a build system.
Experience building and/or developing software for multiple operating systems (two or more of: Linux, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, FireOS, Etc.
Great design and problem-solving skills, with a strong emphasis on quality and engineering excellence

Immediate responsibilities:
Decoupling the build by breaking it up into NuGet packages.
Contribute in debugging/troubleshooting the end-to-end build system, with a focus on both performance and functionality issues.
Spreading knowledge of the best practices for maintaining an msbuild-based, NuGet-ized build system to developers across the org.
Contributing to build system''s instrumentation by developing automated metrics collection and monitoring.
Develop high-quality metrics to monitor the overall health of the build.