Job Description :
ApplicatApplication Support for state of Georgiaion Support for state of Georgia
Duration: 9+Months
Location: Decatur, Ga
Position ID: 52701

*Initial background check will be performed along with the submission*

Security Systems Analyst skills:
1. Perform in-depth testing of security system components and diagnose system problems
2. Document critical requirements and work with vendors to ensure that those requirements are met
3. Write reports to management recommending ways to improve the security of information systems
4. Follow up and communicate status updates on issues on a regular basis.
Technical Skills:
1. Must understand how to identify available technical resources
2. Must understand how to coordinate with available technical resources to assist with troubleshooting
3. Must be committed to independently resolve technical security issues involving Windows server, and enterprise (n-tier)applications
4. Must understand Windows server, command line, and information security architectures including VPNs
5. Must have knowledge of Windows server security administration and understand Windows troubleshooting methodologies
6. Must be able to read and interpret system event logs, correlate various system events and communicate findings in a logical manner though both verbal and written means.
Soft skills:
1. Collaboration: Ability to effectively work across multiple teams to resolve enterprise issues
2. Commitment to quality: Willingness to take ownership and ensure issues are documented and resolved
3. Professionalism/ethics: Determination to act with integrity, competence, and to demonstrate respect for others.
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Client : State of Georgia