Job Description :
Job Description:
The client is seeking a senior .NET Specialist position for Cancer Registry program area. Developer is responsible to maintain a number of stabilized .NET applications developed in, C# with Oracle, Access and SQL server as databases. Developer is responsible to maintain Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems (RMCDS) software. Developer will be responsible for the design, development, and implementation of special projects and also provide ongoing maintenance support of the existing vendor and in-house developed applications as well as make upgrades and enhancements. Developer will be reporting to Project Manager for day to day operations.


. Provide technical support to State Cancer Registry in order to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, national standards and federal grant requirements.
. Provide technical support to hospital, physicians, dentists, medical laboratories, ambulatory surgical centers, and other health facilities throughout the state that are required by law to report cancer data to ISCR and other national organizations.
. Provide customized applications to ensure ISCR compliance with all state and federal laws, federal grant requirements, national certifying organizations and accrediting cancer registry professional agencies.
. Provide technical support, develop systems to identify and collect cases from non hospital reporting sources and write specialized programs to measure completeness, timeliness, and quality of cancer data.
. Conduct training activities for ISCR staff and other reporting entities on cancer registry software submitting cases to the state; creating statistical reports; and providing other educational needs, as determined by the ISDH State Cancer Registry program.
. Developer is responsible for delivering the data driven reports requests on timely to program area in a timely fashion as prescribed by Cancer Surveillance Section program director.
. Develop, update, maintain, and distribute instructional and training manuals for state staff and reporters of data.
. Responsible for complete SDLC for project development.
. Working with business staff on detailed business requirements by using a variety of techniques, understanding business processes and technology, agency standards, federal and state policy, and ensuring strategic and project goal alignment.
. Use object oriented techniques and best practices for design, development, unit testing and deployment and development of code along with unit testing strategy & plans.
. Support C++ programs developed in-house.
. Work with Project Manager and Cancer Surveillance Section Director to ensure project plan is maintained and project milestones are being met.
. Have ability to work independently and under general supervision with latitude for independent judgment.
. Responsible to modify existing applications from time to time due to changes in technology, security, state or federal law changes and national standards.
. Handle requests from external sources, such as but not limited to, file distribution to MTC, OSS, Regenstrief Institute as prescribed by data sharing agreements and/or data release approvals.
. Updating RMCDS patches in a timely manner and troubleshooting SFTP and other program area IT issues.
. Other duties as assigned.

Preferred Experience:
. 7+ years of working experience with ASP.NET
. 7+ years of working experience with, C#
. 5+ years of working experience with MVC
. 5+ years of working experience of C++
. 5+ years of experience in scripting in Dos programs, MS office tools, Adobe Flash, Oracle, MS Access
. 5+ years of strong experience in PL/SQL.
. 5+ years of work experience in analysis and addressing security related issues for applications.
. 5+ years of working experience with Oracle & SQL Server. (Working experience of creation of tables, packages, functions, procedures, writes triggers, data import/export etc
. Current working experience with Web Services using different protocols.
. Working experience in ASP, MVC, Web Forms, & Entity Framework, Data Services familiar with LINQ is a plus.
. Expert understanding of SDLC.
. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
. Ability to solve complex programming issues.
. Work in Agile methodology atmosphere.
. Experience in Health Industry is a plus.
. Understand business terminologies in