Job Description :
Android developer
6 months
Phone and F2F

Position Description: Client is looking for a skilled and self-motivated Full Stack Android Developer/Engineer to join our lean and growing mobile applications team. You will be an integral part of designing and building a game changing mobile financial news application from the ground up. You are able to work alone to get things done and enjoy pair programming when the opportunity arises.

Qualifications: Skills, Experience, and Familiarity with (some not all): * 2-3+ years experience, Com Sci degrees or experience to match * Passionate about Android * Strong Java skills * Kotlin, C, C++ skills a plus * Consuming restful and/or socket/websocket APIs * Data modeling and local database management * Syncing local data with back end systems * State management * Experience with Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers * Android life cycle * Handling serialized data types: JSON, XML * Handling and displaying various media types: images, video, audio * Custom user interfaces and user experiences: from phones to tablets and beyond * Animations and data presentation * Firebase, notifications, and related services * Android Studio, Gradle, Git, and other tools * Security minded * Integration with Chromecast, Android watches, and/or other OTT work Pluses - skills or interested in: * API and CMS development * Sysops work * Front end mobile web development * Native iOS development * Over the Top (OTT), Internet of Things (IOT) development.