Job Description :
Rate : $50/hr on C2C
Location : Atlanta, GA
duration : 12 Months Contract

Job Description:
2+ years of mobile software development experience
Strong expertise in development on the iOS or Android platforms
A desire to learn and apply new technology to create more engaging, easier, and valuable applications
Experience with mobile-specific functionality, such as location, push notifications, camera interaction, and cross-app interaction
Designed and developed apps that use both APIs and business embedded logic to achieve the mobile app’s desired functionality
Developed apps where the user experience is as important as the business functionality (and you find it hard to think of the two in isolation from each other)
Learned firsthand how to optimize apps for performance
The interest in understanding the business behind the software instead of blindly "coding to requirements."
An innate desire for your code to operate error-free, with flawless appearance, across all supported browsers and devices working continuously with QA

Client : UPS