Job Description :
Android Developer and Trainer

If you have a strong passion for mobile apps development, especially the Android platform and are looking to join a seasoned team of IT professionals, this could be an advantageous next step. We are experiencing rapid growth and are seeking a Lead Android Developer/Trainer to coach and mentor our junior consultants.

This position involves overseeing, in partnership with a consultant development manager (CDM), a diverse body of IT consultants throughout their career, or lifecycle, with our company. Three main aspects of the consultant lifecycle are as follows: Training, Marketing, On-Project. 

Not only will you mentor, assist and guide consultants with their onsite technical training in Atlanta, but you will be preparing your consultants in effective technical and actively engaging behavior so that they can successfully win client interviews, in order to secure a project placement.

Lastly, you will track your consultants' success on project by assessing their deliverables and approach, providing them with support and guidance as needed, to ensure that they add value to the client site and continue billing on project.

The Android Mobile Application Specialist will take on the following responsibilities:

Interview potential consultants to ensure all on-boarding employees will be successful in the Android domain

Be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our best-in-class Android training materials

Train, guide and mentor consultants with existing basic programming and computer science skills up to junior and
mid-level developers

Prepare mock interview situations for the consultants to enhance the learning process provided by the company

Act as a primary technical support resource for consultants working on a variety of projects throughout the US (this
requires ability to support remotely)

Interact with our Executive and Sales team to ensure that projects and employees are appropriately matched

Interact with our Executive and Sales team to ensure that consultants on projects remain successful on these
projects and do not result in technical failure

Prepare consultants for interviews for specific assignments involving mobile development

Desired Qualifications Include:

5+ Years of professional experience in the IT Industry

Bachelor’s Degree in the Computer Science field, Software Engineering or Math

Project Management background preferred

Knowledge of the Consulting/Sales structure

Able to work a full-time schedule and possibility of flexible extended hours

Desired Skills (Including but Not Limited to):

Experience with building Android apps in both a UI/UX capacity as well as back-end

Design patterns and architecture concepts such as MVC, MVVM, and MVP, Builder, Factory, Singleton, Adapter,
Proxy, Façade, Bridge, Observer, Command



MVVM versus MVP versus MVC - which ones lend themselves to testing - why choose one over the other? What
does one address that others may not?

TDD and testing, unit testing, instrumentation testing, functional testing, stress testing

Testing tools such as Espresso, Mockito, Junit

OOO and S.O.L.I.D. principles

What to consider when building an app from scratch and doing so (who is using the app - what's the intended
outcome, the release date the budget, the architecture, the 3rd party libraries, the communication between the layers,
how testing will be set up, etc

Version Control - GIT, GitHub, pull requests, branching, BitBucket

Continuous Integration - Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI


Asynchronous task - asynctask, intent services, handlers, loopers, threads, runnables, loaders,

3rd party libraries - Retrofit, Volley, OKHTTP, GSON, Jackson, RXJava, HTTPURLConnector

Local Databases - SQLite, Firebase, Parse, Realm

Notifications - GCM, FCM, MixPanel, Flurry, Push Bots, PubNub, Firebase

Security - Obfuscation, Encryption, SSL, Certification Pinning, Tokens

Fingerprint authentication

Dev Environment management - Agile, Scrum, Sprints

Dependency Injection usage

Android Pay

Media Streaming Solutions - Media Player, ExoPlayer, etc.

Bluetooth, BLE, NFC