Job Description :
Senior Android Developer
Warren, NJ
6+ months contract

Core Keywords:
Writing Android Libraries, deep Android framework knowledge, encryption/security, SDK/API differences, production-quality, analytics

Bachelor''s or Master''s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field
5+ years of Android app development, with at least 2 published apps in the Google Play store that can be demo’ed
2+ years of additional object-oriented programming experience (Java, C++, C#, objective-C)
2+ years of experience with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Amazon SNS or similar
Knowledge of Other cloud-based services/SDKs like Firebase, Google App Engine, Fabric, etc.

Design and develop a large-scale, visually appealing, modular Android application capable of integrating multiple custom libraries and securely uploading data to servers asynchronously on a frequent periodic basis.
Convert existing production applications into modular AAR/JAR libraries for packaging and inclusion in other applications.
Create enterprise-grade security for protecting sensitive data both on-device and in-transit (encryption, authentication, access expiration
Effectively use cloud-based solutions (GCM, Google App Engine, Firebase, other) for dynamically managing configurations, event triggers, and other use cases.
Use best practices to minimize impacts to user experience, such as battery drain, ANRs, unresponsive UI, etc.
Effectively work with business owners to gather requirements, gain deep understanding of use cases and business needs, and translate into design and implementation.
Ability to read through 3rd party developer code, understand flow and function, and make improvements as needed.
Ability to capture app analytics using analytics SDKs (Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Firebase, Flurry, etc) and analyze current users, behavior, and app stability.

Required Skills:
Deep, thorough knowledge of Android programming (Java6/7, XML), standard design patterns for widgets, views, navigation, etc, modern design practices using material design, backwards compatibility using Android Support libraries
Deep, thorough knowledge of Android operating system, including APIs and required permissions, base functionality of key phone components (specifically telephony, signaling, radio) as well as understanding of AOSP source itself
Knowledge of key differences across Android SDK versions from Froyo to “N”
Superior ability to debug code and crashes with little or no information, such as from user builds
Knowledge and familiarity with Android Studio IDE, including latest canary version 2.2+

Other Desired Skills:
Knowledge of open source copyleft libraries which supplement and complement standard Android SDK
Understanding of mobile air transmission protocols such as CDMA, EVDO, LTE, WiFi a plus
Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
Ability to work in a fast-paced, Agile, competitive environment
Ability to work independently and in group environments
Ability to manage projects throughout the various stages of the SDLC

Client : Verizon