Job Description :
Requirements -
- 5+ years professional coding experience
- 3+ years of professional Android experience

Responsibilities -
- Develop Android client code solutions that deliver on Product Strategy and adheres to established engineering best practices, design guidelines and principles
- Partner with Software Engineers, UX/UI, Quality Engineers, Product Owners/Analysts to deliver high performing quality customer experiences that are engaging, purposeful and powerful in their simplicity
- Actively participate in all team agile ceremonies and contributing to ensure that all team commitments are delivered on time and of the highest quality
- Be an active advocate of the Android platform through both internal and external developer communities
- Working to remain an active learner in all technologies related to Android development (Java, Android SDK, AndroidWear, Android Studio, Gradle, 3rd party libraries, Google developments, etc)
- Influence and contribute to group discussions and incorporate feedback/communication from broader team
- Mentor junior members of the team
- Actively engage with developers outside of the local sprint team across various disciplines (Android, iOS, APIs, Web, etc
- Identify opportunities to drive and contribute beyond team commitments

Preferred Leadership Experience –
- 1+ years leading/overseeing/influencing development activity of multiple developers

Preferred Qualifications -
- Experience driving direction, driving consensus and delivering small to medium sized/complexity components independently
- Ability to detect and abstract common patterns in code
- Proficient in 2-3 Android SDK components (Content Providers, Networking, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Intents, Fragments)
- Experience with Google libraries (Play services, Maps, etc
- Exploration of multiple form factors (phone, tablet, Wear)
- Proficiency with Android Studio Tooling
- Demonstrated investment in Android development knowledge growth through self-study, side projects and/or school/work experience
- Experience with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher
- Experience with DVCS (Git, Mercurial)
- Familiarity with Agile delivery practices
- Understanding of core Android constructs (Layouts, Widgets, Views, Services, Activities and Fragments)
- Understanding of Android unit testing frameworks (JUnit, Robolectric, etc
- Advanced Java OO knowledge (abstract classes, interfaces, anonymous classes, etc
- Presented a coding topic to development peer group
- Maintains an active public coding presence through GitHub
- Has developed and supported their own app in one of the Android markets (Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc
- Contributed towards an open source project

Client : Pinnacle