Job Description :
Job Title: Android Developer
Job Location: Dallas, TX
Experience: 8-10 Years

Mobile Computing – Android
Knowledge of Android OS, some high points:- Garbage collection java and effects native has when pointing to managed object- Java code efficiency (JIT Attaching native threads to JVM- JNI efficiency- Java/C++ boundary best practice- Driver and interfacing with drivers- Native code coding and best practices- Security best practices- Performance monitoring and improvementExperience with Android SW architecture- Deep knowledge on native and Java coding- Android coding best practices- Android SDK peripheral access best practiceKnowledge of Android configuration and security settings:- Headless configuration- Starting services- Permission settings- Prevent Android to terminate a background processKnowledge of Android project configuration- Multi-project Android solution- How to create Java packages, modules, apks- How to reference code in modules, apksKnowledge of Linux and Android build scripts and integration with Jenkins and build automationKnowledge of Android test automationKnowledge of GIT and Perforce and experience with transition from Perforce to GIT- Also knowledge of JIRA/Android Studio/GIT integration