Job Description :
Algorithm Developer
Irvine, CA
Long term Contract

Develop data-driven algorithms for ecommerce solutions.
Create real-time system prototypes for demonstration.
Design algorithm validation and performance tests.
Compare the cost and performance of different machine learning methods such as kernel methods, random forest, and logistic regression models.
Adapt commonly used machine learning algorithms to our specific problems, and implement modified algorithms from scratch as needed.
Analyze raw data to discern a set of rules and the factors influencing those rules to achieve organizational goals.
Apply machine learning in large data environments.
Complete data mining, predictive modeling, clustering, and classification.
Independently write reports detailing methods, results, and impacts of assigned issues

10 years of relevant professional experience and proven record of original contribution in relevant ecommerce solutions such as: search relevancy/ranking, pricing and inventory management.
Strong experience programming in C/C++/Java/R/C# and ability to write clean and concise code. Familiarity with Python.
Experience creating Machine Learning/Algorithm related reports based upon the resulting work/accomplishments.
Published machine learning /algorithm reports and/or authored new procedures and methods to create innovative approaches to solve complex machine learning/algorithm issues.
Experience with natural language processing techniques.
Significant current experience (i.e., within last 5 years) in machine learning /algorithm-related work.
Ability to work in a very dynamic environment and to adjust to changing requirements and challenges.
Mastery of core computer science concepts, data structures and algorithms.
Production experience with data management, storage and pipeline.
Production experience with cloud environments.
Keen eye for detail and thoughtful investigation of data before relying upon it.
Steadfast focus on creating impactful change and ability to prioritize between many tasks to maximize the improvement of the business