Job Description :
Position: Akamai Engineer
Location: Dallas, TX
Contract Duration: 6+ Months
Interview Process: Webex


· CDN Performance and Security Consultant

· Design and setup new solutions to support various releases from SCRUM teams

· Work on Akamai Web Performance Product – Ion Premier and Kona Security Product suite: Web Application Firewall(WAF), Bot Manager, SiteShield, Client Reputation, FastDNS, Global Traffic Management(GTM)

· Optimize Web Performance and Enhance Security

· Design, setup and manage front end optimization rules to improve site performance

· Own & manage CDN configurations & integrate new features as they are released by the vendor

· Implement & maintain advanced routing configurations based on project needs

· Manage caching rules and TTLs setup on CDN

· Automation of tasks such as reports or analysis performance & CDN metrics

· Manage WAF rules and bot protection

· Performance analysis to identify bottlenecks & design appropriate optimizations

· Collaborate with operations in finding root cause and reduce MTTR for Performance, scalability related issues

· Strong knowledge in front end optimization & configuring CDNs, WAF from providers such as InstartLogic, Akamai, Amazon etc

· Strong knowledge of front end optimization concepts, Networking, Caching etc

· Experience with securing websites from malicious traffic, protection against BOTS, DDoS etc