Job Description :
Working development experience in Actimize product
5+ years of development experience
Actimize AML – Suspicious Activity Monitoring Solution (SAM 3.x and SAM 8.x), Actimize - Customer Due Diligence (CDD 1.9-2.5),

Migrated Actimize SAM 3.x models and upgraded to SAM 8.2 version.
Implementing Actimize CDD models.
Implementing and supporting AML SAM.
Experience in developing AIS - Actimize intelligence Server flows and writing execution plans.
Experience in Actimize Risk Case such as configuring Alert Views, Dart queries, Alert summary, work flows, dashboard, policy manager and platform list.
Developed custom JAVA plugins and migrating to RCM UI.
Experience in writing policy rules using RCM policy manager.
Developed customized reports and migrated to Actimize RCM.
Writing and analyzing complex SQL queries.
Experience in implementing new Actimize SAM model