Job Description :
Required Skills / Experience:

AWS with Redshift, Big data knowledge, Graph DB
Over 4-8 years of experience in Information Technology
AWS Certification is a plus
Over 4+ years of experience with Redshift development
Experience with Data warehousing, RDBMS concepts
Proficiency in relational database design and function (Redshift, Oracle, views, stored procedures functions, etc
Experience with developing platforms based on relational and non-relational technologies
Graph database technologies (Neo4J, ArangoDB, Tiger Graph, Apache TinkerPop)
Distributed data processing (Apache Spark, Storm)
Data exchange formats (JSON, XML, RDF)
Experience with entity/data modelling targeted for a variety of data stores/structures and data domains
Experience with data ingestion processing, data quality control and data lineage tracking
Experience with interpreted development languages Javascript, Python, R
Experience developing JVM-based (Scala/Java)