Job Description :
Design and build out the environment infrastructure in AWS to support the application, integration, and connectivity requirements of application and customers.
Ensure the design and implementation of each cloud environment has the appropriate level of reliability and security
Help provide process & automation to ensure operational overhead of managing the AWS environment is low and as easy and self-service as possible for the group that leverages it.
Optimize the environment for cost and help ensuring tagging and categorization is done to enable efficient cost allocation is performed.
Put in place process and notifications to ensure teams are aware of and held accountable to the costs.
Put in place automation tools that facilitate teams to manage use and up-time of the environment to mitigate cost overhead.
Train/Mentor others in the IT group on how to effectively support and manage the environment.
Implement performance and uptime monitoring to help improve Quorum’s ability to efficiently support the environment, meet Quorum uptime SLA’s, and keep customer satisfaction high regarding the environment reliability and performance.

Autoscaling, automation and loadbalancing with ELB and other loadbalancing tools.
At least 6 months to a year of working with Cloudwatch, SQS, RDS, VPC, EC2, Lambda, SNS etc.
1+ years of experience with Setting up and managing AWS environments for enterprise applications with multiple components, layers, and requirements on the infrastructure.
Minimum of 2 year of operational expertise with infrastructure configuration (i.e. Puppet, Chef, etc), change control and source-code management methodologies
Expertise in AWS Cloud Security best practices and use of firewalls, encryption, AD, SAML