Job Description :
AWS Database Engineer

1. 5 Years of Experience in installing, configuring, upgrading, migrating, backing up, restoring, troubleshooting, and tuning Microsoft SQL Server databases in a large 24x7 production environment on AWS cloud.
2. Experience troubleshooting SQL Server database performance using native tools such Profiler, Activity Monitor, Data Collector, Dynamic Management Views, Extended Events, and Performance Monitor.
3. 3 years of experience working with various AWS RDS databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server databases
4. Develop and implement the backup, recovery, and cloning of all databases.
5. Database & application installation, configuration and maintenance according to established best practices.
6. Proactively monitor and optimize database performance using tuning, optimization and other methods.
7. Technical adviser to provide detailed planning information to project coordinators to assist in planning of service requests, implementation steps, corrective actions, upgrade recommendations and optimization steps for various databases.
8. Scripts and/or automates common repeatable tasks across the spectrum of supported products and technologies.

Client : Direct