Job Description :

Kindly find mentioned JD.

Position : AWS Cloud Engineer
Location : New York, NY
Duration : 12+ month contract
Interview: NO SKYPE
1. Phone
2. Face to face interview

Work Status:– Citizen, Green Card, GC-EAD (PLEASE CONFIRM THAT THEIR I-140 is approved and I-485 is in pending status), etc.
MUST HAVES: AWS, Cloud Governance, Automation
His team consists of System Engineers supporting AWS, Infrastructure and Automation. They moved to AWS Cloud in 2014 and now they are looking to re-vamp their AWS environment. 2.0 he called it.
Looking for someone who is strong and has a lot of AWS experience. Cloud Governance which involves a framework with a set of policies and standard procedures - Security & Operations.
Leveraging Automation Governance, Properly tagging it, Security - making sure old vulnerabilities aren''t being run etc.
This is a VERY HANDS ON ROLE. He is open to bringing in an AWS Architect but a lot of guys at that level are not hands on anymore.
Needs someone who has done a similar role in an Enterprise Environment - no start ups or small size organizations. Need to come from large companies to understand everything that goes into it.
Automating Controls, more of "back-end", putting in controls, compliance, security. Can step back and look at what they have, what they need to do and how to do it correctly
Team is short staffed right now with all the upcoming projects they have going on. Doesn''t have someone strong enough in AWS to dedicate to this re-vamp.
Huge plus if they have Terraform or Ansible and Python
Primary focus and needed skill set is 3-5+ Solid Years of Hands On AWS experience!
Collaborative and tight-knit group. needs someone that will work well with the team - no drama, NO EGO someone that can come in and hit the ground running.