Job Description :
Position : ASP.Net Developer
Location : Long Island City, NY
Duration : 36 Months Contract
Interview-Type-Requested : In-Person

NYCT Paratransit Division is seeking two {2} ASP.NET Core/ Java Script/ Node.js application developers to help build the following applications:
Paratransit Rider Management System with work/low and image capturing ability
Paratransit Accident and Incident System with NTD report capabilities
Develop 500+ reports utilizing up-to-date report and dashboard development tools

a)Design and build applications, interfaces, reports and dashboards
b)Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications
c)Collaborate with a team to define, design, and deploy relevant features
d)Identify and correct bottlenecks and bugs
e)Maintain code quality and organization

RISKS {required by MTA Risk Management) :
The consultant will be based in an office environment. Occasional field visits may be required to validate operation and performance.
No environmental risks anticipated.

Documents detailing:
1.Business Process Flows
3.Test Plans
4.Test Cases/Scenarios
5.Action Item Logs
6.Risk Matrices
7.Status Report

Job Description :
Programming: ASP.NET 4.x, ASP.NET Core, jQuery, REST AP/, JavaScript, Node.js
Database: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB
Method/Tool: DevOps, Gitlab, JIRA, JENKINS
Cloud Platform: AWS, Azure

Client : State of NYC