Job Description :
Job Title: AS400 iSeries Admin – USC, GC Only

Job Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Duration: 6 Months

Experience: 8 Years

- Strong conceptual knowledge and hands on experience on iSeries Administration,

- Good Hands on experience on below topics is required,

1) Work Management

2) Managing and creating Subsystems,

3) Managing and creating JOBQ’s,

4) Managing Memory pools,

5) Printer creation and management,

6) Journal Management

7) Performance Tuning

8) Performing Regular IPL’s

9) Creating and managing Ethernet lines

10) Configuring and Managing network services like FTP, SMTP and NTP etc,

- Strong knowledge on Backup and Recovery (Native and BRMS)

1) Monitoring, Scheduling and Running daily and full system backups,

2) Media Management, Physical tape library and Virtual tape library (Protectier),

3) Installing and configuring BRMS

4) Managing backup devices

5) Restoration via Native commands and BRMS

6) Full system Recovery (Native and BRMS)

7) Setting up BRMS network

- User Profile Management

1) Creating, Termination of user profiles, Group Profiles and Authorization lists

2) Managing profile and object level authorities

3) Fetching regular reports showing user class, authorities and privileges etc.

- Server commissioning and decommissioning

1) Create LPAR on HMC, Install LIC/OS and customizing the environment

2) Decommissioning Process and technical knowledge

- Patching & Upgrades

1) PTF installation and management

2) OS Upgrades, Any one of (V5R4 to V7R1, V7R1 to V7R2/V7R3)

3) HMC Backup and Management

- Good hands-on knowledge requires on below replication tools,


2) Quick-EDD


4) Knowledge of MIMIX and Power HA would be add-on.

Knowledge on below topics will be add-on,

1) VIOS management,

2) Programing languages, CL/ILE, RPGLE, DB2/SQL,

3) Third Party production like TAATOOLS, DBU etc.