Job Description :
User Environment Skills1. Display and understand your library list.2. Add and change user profiles. Database Skills3. Create a physical file with and without key fields.4. Create two different logical files over a physical file.5. Add a field to a physical file that has logical files attached to it.6. Understand how to see relationships between physical and logical files.7. Understand the difference between packed decimal fields and zoned General RPG Programming Skills8. Understand how parameters are passed to and from RPG programs.9. Write a print program to list a file.10. Write an RPG program to allow the user to enter a selection parameter for the print program.11. Write an RPG program to read values from a data area and display and change them.12. Use CVTRPGSRC to convert a program from RPG III to RPG IV. Interactive RPG Programming Skills13. Write an Add/Change/Delete/Inquire maintenance program.14. Add a sub file search by a different key for item 13.15. Change the sub file search to load only one screen at a time.16. Add to the maintenance program an edit that requires chaining to another database.