Job Description :
Job Title: Manager/Specialist, .Architect. API/Product Architect/Designer (Swagger spec
Number of Contractors: 2+
Contract Start Date: Immediate
Contract Duration: 4 months to perm OR +ext.
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Client Location: Richfield, MN
On-site or off-site: Client Site

Alternative description: API Designer
Skill and Role Summary:

Main duties and responsibilities:
* Translate business requirements into an API design as a swagger file to be handed off to TOS development teams
* Create test scripts that can be handed off to the developers for test-driven development
* Perform User Acceptance Testing of APIs on behalf of the business/customer if UAT falls within project timeline
* [Swagger]Create, modify, enhance, and maintain API documentation under direction of the API Product Manager.
* Documentation spans security instructions, implementation instructions and Designer provides production support instructions, QA testing instructions, and integration assistance instructions.
* Work DIRECTLY with the client in their environments and coordinate as part of their team.
Serve as the bridge between the business team who create the API requirements, and the back-end development team who understand the back-end systems and data sources
Provide input during requirement capture and user story creation
Use a Swagger editor to create API design using Swagger framework
Review API design with Product Manager and API engineering team then make adjustments as-needed
Write test-cases for the API
Execute test cases for the API
Create API documentation for the developers who consume the API (API Security Guide, API Developer Guide, etc)
Attend daily SCRUM standup meetings and provide input on the design of the API product
Assist Developer Support Team with defects during the testing phase
Strong understanding of JSON format
Solid understanding of RESTful APIs
Experience using API testing tools such as Postman, SOAPUI
Technical writing ability
Strong verbal and written communication skills