Job Description :
AIX WAS Tivoli SOA Architect (05410)
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

In order for DOL to be assured that quality applications and services are being deployed in the DOL runtime environments, the department has a release management and performance group.
The person who fills this position will serve as a member of the Release Management and Performance group. The consultant''s work will include all aspects of build / deploying applications and services. It will also encompass. Designing and building performance architecture, performance load, and stress testing of DOL applications and services.

Specific activities include:

Performance Testing: - planning, coordinating, and executing performance, load, and stress testing of SOA applications. This includes monitoring AIX and Windows environments, analyzing performance results, and scripting tests using Rational Performance Tester (RPT
Release Managing: - planning, coordinating, and executing services and applications in a SOA environment. This involves coordinating releases thru four SOA runtime environments and planning of releases of shared SOA service applications.
Design and build applications: - building the executable units to be deployed in a SOA environment. This would involve using ANT to build applications and knowledge of Clearcase.
Clearcase development stream administrator:- designing and creating the development streams that SOA developers use for their code retention.
Scripting test cases and analyzing the results of those test cases and the ability to provide AIX and WebSphere server configuration optimization suggestions with knowledge of Apache ANT scripts for deployments.
Designing and enforcing of application and service release process as well as maintaining shared services in a SOA environment.


1. 60 months experience with troubleshooting and configuration of AIX and WebSphere servers including Tivoli monitoring (ITM) in a SOA environment. #OF MONTHS
2. 24 months experience with the performance testing tool, Rational Performance Tester (RPT #OF MONTHS
3. 24 months experience creating and running build scripts using Apache ANT. #OF MONTHS
4. 24 months of experience working with ClearCase which includes designing Clearcase development streams. #OF MONTHS
5. 24 months of experience deploying SOA services and applications. #OF MONTHS
6. 24 months experience using WebSphere development tools: Rational Application Developer (RAD), and WebSphere Integration Designer (WID #OF MONTHS