Job Description :
Job Title: AI/Machine Learning Architect
Location: Tampa, FL

Key responsibilities
Actively follow advancements in AI and create ML models
Improve existing ML models: everything from tweaking the dataset to replacing the approach with a demanding end-to-end (deep
learning) solution
Understand and comprehend business problems and identify innovative solutions to solve them
Design, Develop and implement new Services/solutions
Analyse functional requirements
Understand technical architecture of application
Create low level design for intended functionality
Enhance or develop the functionality
Update knowledge management procedures and handbooks.

Technical Skills
4-6 years of experience.
Strong proficiency in Python
Experience with Machine learning libraries like Tensorflow or similar
Background in Natural Language Processing(NLP)
Experience in implementation of any AI solutions at Enterprise level
Proficient understanding code versioning tools such as GIT Repository
Experienced with Agile Development methodologies
Good understanding of server side, accessibility and security compliance
Exposure to IBM Watson (Conversation, Discovery Services), Google Dialogflow (API.AI)
Strong knowledge of integrating multiple sources following fundamental design principles for a scalable application.

Other Skills
Meticulous attention to detail
Logical thinking
Good analytical skills
Problem solving skills