Job Description :
(A) Develops AEM templates, components, and experiences

(B) Authors content as well as experiences in AEM

(C) Maintains and supports the AEM application

(D) Accommodates day to day change requests and quickly make changes to the application

(E) Estimates efforts for various support tasks and changes

(F) Make changes to AEM site content, assets, and workflow

(G) Designs and builds components, templates, dialogs, and workflows using the AEM architecture (Sling, CRX, OSGI, JCR)

(H) Diagnoses and solves technical problems related to content management such as search result accuracy, dynamic content linking, formatting, image scaling, internationalization, and personalization

(I) Works in an agile, rapid development and prototyping environment

(J) Translates business requirements into AEM specific implementation specifications designs

(K) Manages and prioritizes workload between project and maintenance tasks