Job Description :
MTS technical resources
Cleveland, Ohio
CTH/FT both

Role -
ACI MTS( Money transfer system) technical

Job Description -
- Overall 7+ years of IT experience. Worked in Wholesale payment industry for over 5 years with experience working in Swift, Fedwire and Chips interfaces.
- Mandatory experience working in ACI Money Transfer System ( MTS ) application for around 3 - 5 years.
- ACI MTS Technical experience with installing patches from ACI, configuring the application based on client needs and specifications, testing, understands the application flow and data fields.
- Good knowledge of REL and AUX tables, setting up prules.
- Good experience in UI and video version of ACI MTS. Knowledge of different functions in UI/Video.
- Knowledge of Swift , Fedwire and Chips message types.
- Work with ACI vendor team with