Job Description :
What is the specific title of the position Senior IT DB consultant

What Project/Projects will the candidate be working on while on assignment E&I LOB Infra team supporting operation/production support

Is this person a sole contributor or part of a team
Part of a team (5 Onshore + 3 Offshore)

What are the top 5-10 responsibilities for this position (Please be detailed as to what the candidate is expected to do or complete on a daily basis)

Resolving Incidents, Service Requests/Monitoring alerts and taking action/On-Call on rotation/Supporting WAR room, Root cause analysis, Supporting change tasks

What software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily responsibilities ORACLE DBA responsibilities (on RAC) - monitoring backup/restoring from backup/On-CALL/ trouble shooting Oracle issues/performance issues/ Interacting with app development team/Oracle support team

What skills/attributes are a must have Oracle DBA Skill set (on RAC env) - Primary skill

MS Sql Server/MySQL DBA skills (secondary skill)

Where is the work to be performed (Please list preferred Client facility, if other please specify i.e. remote work, rural, etc
Minnesota - Eden Prairie

What are the work hours (ex. 9am-5pm, day/night shifts, rotating shifts, etc) - Regular shifts, day time Oncall, weekend oncall

What type of interview process is preferred (Face to face, phone, Skype, or a combination of the three) - Phone or Face to Face