Job Description :
Job Title : Android Framework Developer (Audio) 

Location: Bentonville, AR. 


Experience : 4 8 years


·         Expertise in Linux Kernel, Audio Driver, ALSA / Tiny ALSA Driver

·          Enabling Audio use-cases in Android subsystem: Playback, Capture, VOIP, A2DP, Voice Call, BTHFP etc.

·         Need to android OS migration and enable audio use cases.

·         New audio HAL development, feature development, Plugin development, Route manager development/enhancement.

·         Debugging/triaging Android Audio System Audio Flinger, Audio Track/Record, Audio applications, Media Player components.

·         Good to have experience in Audio Use-case integration and validation. • Proficient in multithreaded programming and middleware solution development on Android environment.

·         Good experience in Android internals

·         Good problem-solver and should be able to optimize the existing design with new idea/solutions

·         Should have knowledge on collecting and analyzing QXDM/PCAP logs for audio loss etc.

Additional skills

Familiar with protocols like SIP, RTP/RTCP, IGMP, ICMP,TCP,UDP


·         Feasibility study on the new customer requirements

·         Unit testing of the individual modules developed

·         Modifying Android framework based on the feature requirements

·         Analyzing and resolving customer raised issues

Monitor all customer inquiries and ensure appropriate resolution of same.