Job Description :
AI/ML Solution Designer

San Jose, CA


Job Description:          

Core Skills for during the Change the Biz phase:

Automation products like Blue Prism, Automation Workfusion.
Automation technologies like RPA, Intelligent Automation.
AI/ML, Deep Learning Cognitive Computing - Azure Machine Learning/AWS ML/Google ML.
Apache Spark & SparkML for machine learning.
Design and deliver PoC/PoV RPA solutions.
Predictive modeling ranging from R or SAS or Matlab. 
Programming in MxNet, Tensorflow, Caffee frameworks.
Programming language (R, Python, Java, C/C++
Automation tools - Workfusion/BluePrism/UIPath.
Machine learning concepts ranging from RNN, CNN’s and LSTM’s.
Natural Language Processing, classification, pattern recognition, recommendation systems.

Skills required during Run the Biz:

Containerization (Docker 
Container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Marathon
Web platforms (PostgreSQL, NGINX, HAProxy  
Configuration Management Systems (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc. 
Monitoring systems (Nagios, Sensu, AppD 
Continuous integration software, e.g. Jenkins or Bamboo.
Amazon Web Services / AWS skills.
Resource managers, e.g. Mesos, Kubernetes, Yarn, etc. 
Distributed messaging systems, e.g. Kafka.
Big Data tools, e.g. Spark, Hive, HDFS, Scala, Hadoop. 
Understanding, modifying, and writing Python code. 
Web interfaces for internal-facing tools - JavaScript and CSS. 
ETL tools (including No SQL) such Cassandra/Drill/Impala.

Strong self-motivation for solving problems and innovating with furious intent to improve the customer experience.
Strong problem solving and software development/troubleshooting skills. Ability to "think in code" and discuss ideas and algorithms is a must.

Typically requires MSEE/CS combined with 6-8 years of related experience, or BSEE/CS combined with 10 yrs related experience

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