Job Description :
Job Description :

·         10+ years experience in front-end development
·         Expert JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills
·         Experience with MV* frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Backbone
·         Experience with templating libraries like ractive, handlebar
·         Experience with Bootstrap grid design
·         Experience with Device Interoperability development (Browser, Tablet, Mobile)
·         Experience with Accessibility compliance (ADA requirements)
·         Experience with integrating REST API services and consuming JSON response
·         Experience with Javascript modules (AMD) and module loaders like require.js
·         Experience with javascript unit test and stubbing libraries like karma, jasmine, chai, mocha, sinon
·         Experience with developer environments such as Chrome Developer tools, Sublime, Firebug, HTTP watch
·         Experience with gulp, node
·         Experience with source control software such as GIT, Subversion
·         Strong visual design sense; familiarity with branding guidelines

Must Haves:

Knowledge of promise and its states
Knowledge of functional mixins
Knowledge of RequireJS
Knowledge of GIT - able to perform basic repo pull, push & merge
Debugging via browser development tools

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