Job Description :
Must have:

-              At least 8+ years of Have solid experience in building and enhancing

highly-available applications leveraging Angular UI and RESTful services using

cutting-edge open source frameworks such as Angular (V1 and V2+) , Spring

Framework, Java 1.8, hibernate, Spring Boot, RDBMS

-              8 years of experience in working on writing unit tests to have 100%

coverage, building automated test scripts (ATDD), performance testing and

releasing them in production

-              3 years experience in working with Jenkins jobs, resolving errors and

enhancing the CI/CD process, GitHub, antifactory or nexus, maven etc

-              2-3 years of experienced in building or enhancing existing spring batch

jobs that manage files, integrate with Databases etc to be compliant from

security standards perspective

Nice to have:

-              Good understanding on Docker, AWS EC2 and ECS and databases in cloud