Job Description :
CICS Administrator for Mainframe

Strong knowledge of CICS, CICSplex and SMP/E
Experience working with: Cobol / Assembler, VSAM, JCL, CA-Top Secret / RACF, CA-Intertest, IPCS,  CICS Performance Analyzer, SAS, IBM Utilities and DB2, diagnostic tools such as Omegamon / CICS and Mainview for CICS
Proficiency in the maintenance of IBM CICS software
Skilled at troubleshooting problems in a CICS environment.
Strong dump analysis skills using IPCS
Expertise with all aspects of MQ including installation, operations, coding user exits, security, MQI, performance tuning, CA / Sysview
COBOL, C and REXX programming skills

Mainframe Security Administrator

Advanced knowledge of IBM-RACF mainframe security software internals, configuration, etc.
Experience with z/OS utilities and facilities (such as: ISPF, TSO, SDSF, JES)
Experience with distributed security (such as: UNIX, USS, Kerberos)
Experience with database technology (such as: DB2, SQL)
Experience with middleware (such as: MQ Series, etc
Systems Programming skills (such as: SMP, SYS1 datasets, assembler language programming)
Experience with command Mainframe batch and reporting languages (such as: JCL, REXX, CLIST, ISPF, SAS)
Knowledge of PKI and experience working with the implementation and support of digital certificates
Understanding of security concepts and technologies

Mainframe Storage Administrator

Adding and deleting volumes to STORGRP
Storage and health check management using SIM alerts, SNMP alerts, ServiceNow INC
Monitor DASD space and tape usage using SAMS, DCOLLECT
Monitor VSAM using home grown tools, SAMS and DCOLLECT
Customize and tune storage management software  (HSM, SAMS, SMS/ACS, T-REXX, EMC, zDMF, TDMF)
HSM Support - backup and migration, REORG, AUDIT, Re-cycle, EXPIREBV, DUMP
Catalog management - Backup & REORG using T-REXX or IBM utilities. Cleanup of obsolete CATALOG entries and maintain ALIAS entries and VOLCATs (OAM)
Volume Initialization – SMS & NON-SMS (PAGE, SPOOL, STORGRP)
EMC SRDF Storage replication Maintenance - – recover from SRDF suspend
Generating Storage Utilization Report  (DCOLLECT, SAMS, SAS)
Customization of ACS Routines - attribute assignments via SMS Management Class
Storage replication setup across sites, i.e. between Data Centers

Z/oS Administrator for Mainframe

Strong experience with capacity planning in a multi-CPU & Sysplex environment
Experienced at troubleshooting performance issues in a z/OS environment
Strong knowledge of WLM, RMF, Omegamon, SAS, MICS, MXG, Epilog and SMF data collection as well as reporting
Knowledge of following hardware: IBM mainframe machines (z196, z12), coupling facility devices, IBM DS8000 family of disks and Oracle disks
Experienced at tuning an environment with heavy DB2, Batch and CICS workloads