Job Description :

Position :Data Scientist/Python

Location: Plano, TX

Type of Hire: Contract

Duration: 06+months

Required Skills: 

1. Write efficient python data science codes using pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, pyspark, xgboost, etc. Make the code deploy in big data - scaling solution to a production system is required
2. Exposure to classification, regression, survival, clustering is must
3. Effective communication ability to communicate data science results - efficient email, ppt and markdown or notebooks.
4. Write efficient and highly skilled in hive, impala or Spark-SQL querying. Very good querying skills for feature creation.
5. Exposure or willingness to deploy models using TensorFlow, Keras, Edward, etc.
6. Ability to understand research paper and do the implementation using python like probabilistic programming, etc.
7. Understanding of CLV, Churn, Propensity, Segmentation is plus

Sikkander | IT Recruiter