Job Description :
Job Description:

Summary Position Description:

This is a BACK END engineer which can be either Node JS based OR Java based, BUT MUST to have Micro service architecture implementation experience

Additional information on the requirement.

This requirement is still on, per discussion with Product leader this morning, they do not have any  micro services expertise to do product development within this team and hence one of their other groups is helping interview, that’s why it is important as they  highlight that- ‘Someone who has complete experience on Micro-Services implementation’ which means this would be a go to person for Micro Services development and other associated implementation tasks.

Need someone who has experience of converting monolithic application to micro services and have done multiple deployments- Here are some of the questions that team has been asking:

How would you Inter Connect from one Service to other service.
What is the flow from UI to Backend? Or Are you comfortable or have you done complete flow from UI to Back End?
If you have multiple services and if one of the services is down how would you find out which one is down.

Angular - Ver which you have worked on?

Components related to that
Knowledge on Docker
What monolithic application you have migrated to Micro services