Job Description :
I have two openings. Location is Dearborn, MI – duration 12+ months, renewed annually.

Each candidate must take a coding test and complete two additional rounds of web based interviews.

Candidates must have experience in Extreme/Paired Programming in Java or .NET. Must be interested in being a lead/coach/mentor to other team members.

Client is looking to bring on several Software Craftsmen with a passion for agile development. We are looking for candidates experienced in a variety of programming languages. Software Craftsman will serve as Technique Coaches and work onsite with our client to develop code and educate their fellow developers on XP practices. Client is looking for developers that are continuously looking to improve their craft and have the ability to coach and motivate others.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Coach and mentor team members in the adoption of Agile
Utilize paired programming and mobbing as a way to teach other developers
Seek transparence between business and development team
Build up team members
Motivate team to practice proper techniques
Serve as a technical leader that can educate team members on Extreme Programming (XP) practices
Experience/Skills Required:
Strong development skills
5+ years’ experience with Extreme Programming (XP) practices like Test Driven Development (TDD), pair programming, refactoring, simple design, clean code, etc.
Full stack development experience
Guided by S.O.L.I.D Principles
Patient, determined, and pragmatic
Good communication skills
Ability to adjust to different levels of knowledge