Job Description :
most work/development will be 100%

remote Interview: (1) Technical test - timed (2) phone interview with CEO, if the candidate is local would like an in-person (3) additional technical test administered by an existing developer - not timed Prior Wine experience is not a NEED to have, but it would be an extremely NICE to have. If they have any experience developing in open source, that would be great.

Strong C language skills. Compilers, linkers, macros and function pointers don''t scare you.

Familiarity with developing on and administering a Linux system (bash, unix utilities, package management, etc)
Ability to understand and debug build systems (Makefiles, autotools, etc)
Understanding of good development practices (source control, atomic commits, code readability, test-driven development)
Self-motivated to find work and learn new skills
Excellent debugging skills. You will be debugging applications whose source you do not have.
No exposure to Microsoft code or reverse-engineering of Microsoft software

Bonus skills:
Win32 programming experience
Systems-level programming experience

Client enables customers to run Windows programs on macOS, Linux and Android using the open source Wine technology. We are looking for talented programmers that are willing to learn how to improve Wine. We have developers all around the globe and are happy to hire remote workers.

About the position: Client recently partnered to integrate Wine into the Steam for Linux client as a part of the Steam Play (Proton) initiative. This allows Linux gamers to play Windows games on Linux more easily. We need new, full-time developers to improve Wine''s ability to run games.

Why this spot is interesting: client is filled with capable developers who believe in the technical and moral strengths of open source software. We thrive by working in an environment with competent co workers, little management hassle, and a sensible approach to work-life balance.

We need developers with strong C skills who will enjoy the exciting and varied challenges Wine brings. Most Wine developers work on all areas of Wine, including file I/O, device input, audio/video, graphics, Windows shell and GUI programming, and much more. This requires self-motivation and an ability to learn quickly and work within existing code Benefits: Self-directed work with little management interference Relaxed environment that promotes work-life balance Management has a strong technical background. They understand the realities of Wine and software development As an open source project, your work is seen by users immediately High impact work. Wine, and Wine-based projects like Proton, are used by millions of people every day Small company. No strict policies or forms to fill out. You will get to know all of your coworkers.
Yearly trip to the Wine Conference

401K Matching
Health Insurance
20 Days PTO
6 Holidays PTO

Applicants Working in Minnesota Office:
Public transportation reimbursement Shower (we have staff who bike to work)
Unlimited Coffee & Sparkling Water
Remote workers: Work remotely No set hours or unreasonable