Job Description :
Role: C programmer with some .NET experience

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: 6+ Months

Interview: Phone and Skype

Visa: Any except H1B


1) SDLC experience

2) Compiler experience w/.Net and legacy source/languages (C & Assembler)

3) Appdev on Windows Server (2008+)

4) Appdev w/SQL (2007+)

5) FSI experience

Goal:  application running on Server 2008 w/SQL backend that customer needs help porting/upgrading to run on Server 2016 or newer.  Application memory management/handling is currently causing an issue on  2008 platform as they attempt to upgrade to server 2016.  Have raw Assembler code from vendor company (that''s been handed down from past acquisitions) and some reverse engineering of existing program behaviour is needed b/c source code is not available and/or intact.


Sachin Sharma

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Mavtech Solutions

7310, Fleet Avenue,

Cleveland, OH 44105